H2RES model presented at SDEWES 2021 conference in Dubrovnik

Special event of the project „Investigating energy transition pathways – interrelation between power-to-X, demand response and market coupling“– INTERENERGY, funded by the Croatian Science Foundation under the project number IP-2019-04 9482, was held as SDEWES conference on October 14th 2021.


09:00-09:15Introduction to the INTERENREGY projectProf. Neven Duić
09:15-09:45Creation and features of the H2RES energy planning modelDr. Felipe Feijoo
09:45-10:00Use cases of the H2RES model and comparison with other energy planning toolsMr. Luka Herc
10:00-10:10Next steps in the INTERENERGY projectMr. Antun Pfeifer
10:10-10:55Round table „Modelling the demand response and power-to-X technologies in Energy planning tools”Prof. Neven Duić, Prof. Henrik Lund, Prof. Ingo Stadler, Dr. Felipe Feijoo
10:55-11:00Announcement of the H2RES challenge with prizesProf. Neven Duić

Special event chair and project leader is prof. Neven Duić from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Event featured round table session with experts in the field of energy systems and energy modelling: Prof. Neven Duić, Prof. Henrik Lund, Prof. Ingo Stadler and Dr. Felipe Feijoo

Round table session
Chair board of the session and .Dr. Felipe Feijoo
.Dr. Felipe Feijoo presenting the H2RES model
Prof. Neven Duić presenting INTERENERGY project
Mr. Antun Pfeifer giving an overview of the next steps in INTERENERGY project
Mr. Luka Herc presenting the results from H2RES model

You can take a look at the presentations at SDEWES Youtube channel:


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